Digital Library

Found that paper from ACM Digital Portal through Google but can’t access the PDF file?

There two ways to load the paper from the ACM Digital Library by going through the Georgia Tech portal somehow

1. go to, click on Find Article and Databases – click on the A on the right side bar of the Databases Alphabetically
then go down to ACM Digital Library that would bring you to GT login
2. or – this is what i do – insert right after the acm address when you found it
For example, google to find an article (a lab for making things, environment for creativity) – in this case you found a ACM page –
they want to charge you to access the pdf –
now insert the magic phrase above right after (notice the . before the library address, as well as the 2048 port #) – so it now become
it will take you right back and viola – this time you would be able to download the pdf file

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