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I am currently a first-year Digital Media master's student with a background in industrial design. I'm obsessed with food, illustration, and also making things that people love!

Bean Counter: Keeping track of finances

Bean Counter is an app prototype created by a SCAD student in Savannah, Georgia. While the prototype doesn’t truly function, it does a fantastic job of communicating the idea and the user-friendly interface. Bean Counter from Darby Thomas on Vimeo. … Continue reading

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Globesity: A map of global nutrition consumption and BMI

Getting informed is the first step to staying healthy. This map allows people to explore the expanse of obesity and the interesting correlations between that and daily calorie intake. Check out the Map

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Canon Pixma Sound Sculptures

This has got to be one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. These videos were created for the Pixma printer, which create sound sculptures using the movement of paint. I originally discovered this on NPR. Documentary of Creation … Continue reading

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Study on Calorie Intake suggests Healthy should be the Default

Calorie Counting: When Nudge Comes to Shove Research from Duke shows that the “healthy” option should be the default. In the study, the choice of whether to have a “healthy option” or to take the default unhealthy option is unchanged … Continue reading

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Tattfoo Nature Matching System for Healthy Eating

Tattfoo is an artist who creates art to address a problem facing an individual. In this particular project, the artist created a series of color-palettes that act as a visual “checklist”, reminding users that they should consume at least one … Continue reading

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ScanDiet: Introductory Video

Team Members:Chihwen Cheng, Wei-Ru Lay, Christine Wu ScanDiet is a smart barcode scanning system for diet management. It utilizes Georgia Tech’s Aware Home technologies to encourage users to eat healthier by providing them with access to aggregated data about their … Continue reading

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