Extreme Makeover Charrette

We will engage in Extreme Makeover Charrette for 2 weeks – to present the result – proof-of-concept or working prototypes at the Aware Home on Feb 15.


One Response to Extreme Makeover Charrette

  1. jarradr says:

    Project Idea #1: Learn-Link Academic Support System
    Similar to the Family Tele-presence project developed by Lana Yarosh, and displayed at the Aware Home, the Learn-Link system will connect students with academic support providers and with other students, regardless of their physical location. This project inspires to provide an interactive learning environment whereby students can, from the comfort of their own home, request, provide, and benefit from real-time communication with peers on various classroom topics. Skype, Google-Talk, Net-meeting, or a similar custom-built interface will allow users to see each other’s papers, white-boards, and/or faces, and to save pertinent elements of the “study session” when necessary.
    The benefits of this system will be broad:
    1. Students will be able to receive “on-demand” academic support based on availability. Schedules can be coordinated to allow for timing efficiencies.
    2. Students who are co-oping or studying abroad will be able to participate in academic activities regardless their varying locations. This allows for diverse intellectual stimulation during times when students have heretofore been restricted.
    3. The simple nature of this system will allow for participation by alumni, subject-matter experts, and students at other schools, thereby expanding the network to which participants will have access.

    Project Idea #2: The HomePage Residential Environment Interface
    Inspired by the Smart Meters and other modules on display at the Aware Home, this interface will consist of interactive webpages and communication modules (created within Google Sites or a similar application) that will allow users to get real-time information pertaining to several aspects of their home (house, apartment, room, etc.). Information will be provided about the power utilization (averages, maximums, peak times, etc.), appliance usage and cost, presence/absence of people/pets, security system monitoring, and interior/exterior temperature (averages, maximums, minimums, etc.). The user will receive updates via SMS message, periodically and at pre-defined threshold crossings. For instance, Joe Sampleuser could be on a budget and would use the system to generate a message every time his electric usage exceeded $125 for the month. He would then know to cut back on his consumption.
    Beyond the messaging, all of the home-environment information would be displayed on a website-hence the term “Home” Page- where histories, trends, and summary information will be available for viewing, sharing and printing. Using this tool, Joe could look at the graph of his electric usage and determine that, during periods when his girlfriend stays over, his bill is almost double the average (due to her uber-long showers).
    The implications of this project could be beneficial to users, since they would ultimately be more aware of the way the “use” their home. Further, and more important benefits, however, would be realized by the environment, as users would be empowered with the information required to create for themselves more healthy and resource-sustaining lifestyles.

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