2012? is it the end or is there a new disastrous possibility? Triple Eclipse

This article was posted in Times of India on Jul 1, 2009, 03.15am IST Chennai.

Most of you must have heard of the end of the World according to Mayan Calender. But I had found a different take with some hypothesis on the year 2012. Read on..

CHENNAI: “We have a triple eclipse coming up within a month and through archaeo-astronomy, using planetarium software, we found that this rare astronomical phenomenon occurred twice in ancient times and they were two most traumatic periods. It set us wondering if there is a probability of a major catastrophe awaiting us now,” said Bharath Gyan conceptualiser D K Hari on Tuesday.

Bharath Gyan, an initiative of Hari and his wife, has been collating information about India using ancient knowledge sources and modern scientific tools and methods. It has 400-500 hours of content, compiled in capsules on various subjects.

Hari talked about the triple eclipses in 3067 BC and again in 3031 BC and the corresponding historical upheavals. “With the advancement of modern science and technology we are able to date these two triple eclipses and accord dates to the events of the Mahabharata and correlate them with the events that occurred in the rest of the world. Occurrences of many of these triple eclipses have coincided with some of the major catastrophes that mankind has experienced. Those that have changed the course of civilization! Is this a mere coincidence or do triple eclipses influence the course of civilization,” asks Hari.

Drawing information from the past and the present, Hari and his wife have spent more than nine years creating information capsules on 64 subjects ranging from the creation of the universe to reasons behind India’s “downfall”, and, of course, triple eclipses. “If through these studies warning signs can be read in advance it will be a boon to mankind to better predict calamities in advance and minimize damages to life and property,” said Hari, who was a marketing professional before he turned a hobby into a passion.

Hari and his wife have lectured in more than 100 places across the world, and have spoken to people ranging from CERN scientists to schoolchildren. “We find it difficult to convince traditionalists who cannot look at the Vedas as a non-spiritual text that can be used to scientifically calibrate data. Class IX and X students also ask a lot of questions,” said Hari.

Triple eclipses and corrresponding incidents

1) September 29, 3067 BC Lunar eclipse

October 14, 3067 BC Solar eclipse

October 28, 3067 BC Lunar eclipse

EVENT: Kurukshetra War of the Mahabharata period November 22, 3067 BC

2) October 20, 3031 BC Lunar eclipse

November 5, 3031 BC Solar eclipse

November 19, 3031 BC Lunar eclipse

Events: Yadava Civil War First blow to Dwaraka

Dwaraka, a city established on the banks of the Yamuna river, was washed away by the sea. The tsunami seems to have had a major ecological impadct on the whole geographical arc from southern India all the way through Persia and Babylonia to the West Asian regions

3) 1915 to 1917 4 triple eclipses, coinciding with World War I

4) 1933 Aug 5, Aug 21, Sept 4 Hitler assumed power in Germany

5) 1935 June 30, July 16, July 30 Persecution of Jews in Germany started

6) 2009 July 7, July 22, August 6. This set of triple eclipses is expected to be followed by a series of frequent triple eclipses over the next decade. Most of them range from 2012 to 2020.

(Many events listed are related to India.)

So what will happen in 2012? Is there a possibility of World War 3. At least you got a new option to discuss upon ..


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2 Responses to 2012? is it the end or is there a new disastrous possibility? Triple Eclipse

  1. jamraconteur says:

    Does one of these eclipses, by any chance, occur in February? Because there’s supposed to be a major solar flare-up in that month this year.

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