Social Mirror recruitment

This summer, we will recruit individuals who has autism, and their caregivers (who can be trusted network for individuals with autism). We will give them Social Mirror prototype to actually use it, and get honest feedbacks to validate Social Mirror idea. Here are the recruitment we will use when we recruit participants.

Our design:

The prototype we are currently developing is called SocialMirror, an example of how we might embed a life skills support mechanism into everyday objects in the home. SocialMirror consists of two parts. First, an interactive display integrated with a mirror provides an opportunity to ask and receive advice. Second, the system is connected to an online social network that sends questions to a trusted set of family, friends and professionals. When an individual feels the need to ask for advice, he can a take a picture of himself and send a question to his social network.  For example, he might want to know if he is dressed appropriately for an upcoming event on his calendar.  SocialMirror helps to contextualize the request to the rest of the network by attaching picture, question and the day’s calendar of events for all in the trusted network to see.  When answers arrive, they are immediately reflected back to the individual.  SocialMirror is also available as a webpage or through a portable version on a smart phone, allowing for access to support at any time from anywhere.

Study Procedure:

We are in the formative stages of this project and want to solicit feedback from individuals and their families concerning the value of an idea like SocialMirror. We are seeking participants in our research activity.  If you are interested in helping us, we encourage you and your young adult children (or students, if you are an educator) to visit us on the campus of Georgia Tech at the Aware Home, a special laboratory where we conduct research demonstrations.  The purpose of your visit would be to see more details of our design prototype and offer advice on how to improve upon our work. If you are unable to come to Georgia Tech, then we will arrange a time and place that is more convenient.

After showing you the SocialMirror concept and prototype, we will discuss your reactions to our ideas.  Overall, we will ask you to commit less than 1 hour (not including travel) to help us understand what daily living skills support are necessary to increase independence and quality of life for adults on the autism spectrum.

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One Response to Social Mirror recruitment

  1. Denise Riddle says:

    This sounds like a great tool to help children with Autism to be more independant. I would love to see how it would work for my 16 year old.
    Denise Riddle

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