MuD(Music Discovery widget).My team’s widget for CIC Competetion

Just thought I will share the widget that we created for Convergence Innovation Competition sponsored by GT RNOC, and companies like Motorola, NextJump, Hitachi, Cisco, OIT. We won first prize in the Interactive Television Category. Below is the description of our project, and a link to CIC website, where you can get to see the widget’s working demo.

Description : 

MuD is an innovative application that enables the user to discover new music and to acquire it instantly and easily. It is based on the CHIMP platform, where in the user can interact with live content to acquire it and port it over to other applications and services. By combining Amazon, Facebook, Lastfm, Youtube and Ticketmaster into this service, MuD aims to address all aspects of content consumption on behalf of the user. While watching television, the user can share videos with others on facebook, stream directly from youtube on their television, save music that is currently being played into their streaming playlist for later listening or make an outright purchase of the track instantly. MuD also allows users to look up information on the current track, the album, similar songs and recommended artists. The events and concerts section of the widget allows users to buy tickets for upcoming music concerts for the current artist being shown on television. The events and concerts are geo-specific to the location of the user’s set-top box, and hence returns results specific to the city of residence only. The extensible modularity of the MuD application allows for further integration of additional service modules, eg. Twitter, targeted advertising and usage/content specific notifications.

CIC webpage Link (You can view our video here):


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Hey everyone, I am Vishal. I am a first year grad student in computer science.
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