We worked on R&D activities in tech related to home health and presented a unique use of Kinect technology for benefit of health and fall monitoring at Home. The project is called “HealthBuzz”
HealthBuzz is a Home Health Monitoring system on cloud. The project facilitates elderly people to live independently with proper health observation. We provide automatic interpretation of activities of elderly people at home using Xbox 360 console with webcam peripheral. Xbox Kinect interprets 3D scene information from a continuously projected infrared structured light and can link to skeleton image of human. Wireless devices installed at home pass on the data measured to the cloud via OSGI. In order to monitor motion and detect fall, a novel concept of fall detection system is implemented using Microsoft’s Kinect. Once the fall is detected, alert is sent immediately to the caretakers on Chimp or smart phone

Here is the brief overview of our system:

First step is human identification by Kinect.

Kinect captures the human skeleton and detects movement from there onwards.

Our program detects the distance of skeleton from ground and therefore we are able to detect fall.


About Himani Manglani

Georgia Tech Alumnus
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