“If you have stairs, you better be using them”

I did a search on Youtube for weightloss and stair exercising. I found this video of a woman who shows you how to do exercises using the stairs. She promotes that you can do these stair exercises in your home and that “you better be using them”.

She starts with a special push-up. She goes through a couple other exercises, and mentions that you should be doing cardio in between these exercises, going up and down the stairs. She says that you should hold onto the banisters of the stairs if you have them. We encouraged people to do so, during our demo at the Aware Home. Many people expressed that they would think that having the system on your stairs might be a hazard, and easy to hurt yourself. But if we made it into a commercial product, we might just put a label on it, like other systems do, “Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise regiment” and “always practice caution while using the equipment”.

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