5. What is disc golf (Frisbee golf)?

I am an active disc golf player and it is my favorite sport, but you probably have never heard of it. Disc golf, also known as Frisbee golf, has been around in an early form since the 1960s and currently there are more than 3000 courses worldwide, and around a dozen within 30 miles of Atlanta, and most courses are free to play. Disc golf is analogous to golf: instead of hitting a ball into a hole, the player throws a Frisbee into a basket.  The player must throw their disc around trees and figure out the least stroke way of getting their disc into the basket. Not only is this game loads of fun to play, it also utilizes less used space in parks, as well as being only a modest cost to install an 18-hole course.  Disc golf is really fun, give it a try! For around $10 you can buy a disc and get started. Want to know if there is a course near you?


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